the Regional Technical Workshop for reflection on the implementing texts of the revised ECCAS Treaty

Libreville(Gabon republic), may 06, 2023-the work of the Regional Technical Workshop for reflection on the implementing texts of the revised ECCAS Treaty continues unequivocally at the Boulevard de Libreville hotel. .

After the Opening Ceremony which was chaired by the Vice-President of the ECCAS Commission, Her Excellency, Mrs. Francisca Tatchouop Belobe in the presence of delegates from ECCAS Member States, ambassadors, members of the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREP), Commissioners, the Administrative Secretary, Advisers, Directors, Heads of Service and other experts, the work broke out in two distinct segments: The segment dedicated to the review of texts on justice and legal affairs and the one dedicated to finance and budget.

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During a mid-term review, the Director in charge of Legal Affairs, Mrs. Sylvie Kayitési Zenaba expressed its full satisfaction with the smooth running of the work at the level of the two segments, while acknowledging that the debates are sometimes stormy on certain points but constructive on the whole, the proof she announced, the Finance and Budget segment has already reached the end of this work, while discussions are still continuing within the “Justice and Legal Affairs” segment. After the segment work, the Experts of the two groups will meet in a joint meeting to draw up a common version which will be submitted to the joint Justice/Legal Affairs and Finance/Budget Specialized Technical Committee.

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In order to link business with pleasure, yesterday afternoon, the ECCAS Commission offered a cocktail party to the participants at the ECCAS headquarters, an opportunity for Experts from Member States to discover the sumptuous headquarters which houses the offices of the ECCAS Commission, a gift from the President of the Gabonese Republic HE. Ali Bongo Ondimba at ECCAS since 2020, when he was current President of ECCAS in charge of steering the Institutional Reform. A headquarters with a gallery of historical photos that retrace the path traveled by the community organization, present its founding peers and decline the values of the Commission.

In her remarks, the Vice-President of the ECCAS Commission, welcomed the work done mid-term by State and Commission experts to prepare reliable texts to help apply the Revised ECCAS Treaty. The participants posed for posterity and a lavish cocktail enhanced the ceremony.

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