October 19, 2020

Excellencies. Heads of State and Government;


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ladies and Gentlemen, Peoples of Central Africa;

Today, October 18, 2020, we are celebrating the first edition of the Central Africa Regional Integration Day, under the theme: “ECCAS at the crossroads towards the integration of Central Africa”.

It commemorates the creation of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS),

This celebration gives us the opportunity to revive our collective memory, to revisit our past and to assess our present in order to better define our future.

Indeed, it is thirty seven (37) years ago that the founding peers of our community organization signed on October 18, 1983 in Libreville, the Treaty establishing the Economic Community of Central African States.

The objective of the founding peers was to promote and strengthen harmonious cooperation and dynamic and balanced development of the States of Central Africa in order to improve the living conditions and well-being of the populations.

By examining closer to us, over time, the progress of our community space towards its integration through the 16th Ordinary Session of the Conference of Heads of State and Government of ECCAS, held in N’djamena in Chad , on May 25, 2015, the Heads of State and Government of ECCAS dreamed of and welcomed the progress made in this area.

They noted, however, that this progress remained below their expectations and their populations with regard to the capacities and ambitions of our communities, so the decision to undertake a profound institutional reform was finally taken to adapt our community organization to the needs of the community. great challenges of the hour and the demands of the moment.

The objective of this reform was to make ECCAS a viable and strong regional economic community with an executive with a renovated architecture.

Today, the revised ECCAS Treaty, signed on December 18, 2019 in Libreville, entered into force. The Commission, the new executive body of our community, whose members were sworn in on August 31, 2020, is functional.

With this institutional reform, ECCAS is now at a crossroads, in fact, the future of our states will be determined by the decisions we take today, yes and I say it forcefully, we are at the crossroads of paths.

For my part, the only voice capable of making the integration of Central Africa effective is that promoting the construction of a community of united destiny for the peoples of our sub-region.

Honorable Heads of State and Government,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Honorable Heads of State and Government, Ladies and Gentlemen, People of Central Africa,

This first celebration of the day of regional integration should lead us to resolutely turn our eyes to a better horizon, in order to commit to the regional integration that we want.

Therefore, I would like to congratulate myself on the institution of this day, as a symbol of our organization as well as the flag, the motto and the anthem of our dear community.

I therefore urge all the peoples of Central Africa, especially our youth, to appropriate these symbols and their values, for me they are the leaven of our community citizenship, in this perspective, I am now asking the Commission of ECCAS to work for the materialization of the motto and the anthem of the Community.

Honorable Heads of State and Government,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

People of Central Africa,

As we celebrate the first day of regional integration, we must more than ever keep in mind our desire to make ECCAS a space of peace, prosperity and solidarity.

I cannot close my remarks without paying a vibrant tribute to the founding peers of our community, whose political vision has made it possible to dispose of this important development instrument that is ECCAS.

I wish everyone a good day for the regional integration of Central Africa,

Long live regional integration,

Long live ECCAS

Thank you