ECCAS / Kingdom of Belgium: Consul Timothy de Meester received by the President of the Commission of ECCAS

February 5, 2021

Libreville (Gabonese Rep.), January 03, 2021-Less than a week after his return from Luanda where he took part in the work of the mini-summit of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) devoted to peace in the Central African Republic held in the Angolan capital,

the President of the Commission of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), Ambassador Gilberto Da Piedade Verissimo received in audience the consul of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in the Gabonese Republic, Mr. Timothy de Meester.

The Belgian diplomat came to discuss with the number one of the ECCAS Commission on the latest developments in regional, continental and international news.

Mr. Timothy de Meester and Ambassador Gilberto Da Piedade Verissimo

In a style that is no longer educational, Ambassador Gilberto Da Piedade Verissimo explained to his host his vision of the ECCAS Commission and its strategy to make ECCAS a regional institution capable of contributing to regional integration in Central Africa. . He has repeatedly said “our foundation is peace and security in Central Africa, because without these cardinal values there is no development”.

The situation remains worrying in some countries of the sub-region such as the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon. The two interlocutors also pinpointed the conflictogenic nature of the electoral processes with their procession of contesting the resulting results.

A view of the audience

With regard to elections, the President of the ECCAS Commission said that almost throughout his mandate, ECCAS countries have ballots at various levels:

In March 2021, in the Republic of Congo;

In April 2021 in Chad;

In June in Sao Tomé & Principe;

In 2022 in Angola and Rwanda;

In 2023 in Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and DR Congo;

As usual, ECCAS is called upon to play an important role in supporting these processes by sending election observation missions, as was the case recently in CAR in December 2020

The President of the Commission and his host then fruitfully exchanged on questions of road infrastructure: the case of the construction of the road-rail bridge between Brazzaville and Kinshasa and the extension of the railway between Kinshasa and Ilebo, Energy with the project the construction of the Inga dam in DR Congo, the implementation of the Continental Free Trade Zone in Africa (ZLE-CAF), as well as on the issues of multiple membership in several Regional Economic Communities, on the issues of cultural integration with the organization of the biennial for the culture of peace to be held in Luanda, Angola, of the rural development of the single currency in Central Africa, which currently has six different currencies. The Belgian diplomat was also interested in the place and contribution of ambassadors to the implementation of ECCAS projects and programs, ambassadors who will now be grouped around the Committee of Permanent Representatives (COREP).

The two interlocutors also referred to the Khartoum Agreements between the Central African government and rebel groups, agreements of which ECCAS and the African Union fully guarantee.

The rationalization process between ECCAS and CEMAC was the highlight of the exchanges between the President of the ECCAS Commission and the Consul of the Belgian Embassy.