83402153 _ Conduct a border conflict study in the ECCAs region with field visits

February 18, 2022

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH looking for consultant to conduct a border conflict study in the ECCAS region. The assignment will include organization of workshops, field visits, development of policy briefs eventually producing a border conflict study which is shared with the AU and ECCAS. Further details of the assignment can be found in the attached ToR.

The African Union (AU) considers ill-defined borders as potential sources of conflict, especially when natural resources are discovered in the border regions. Such borders are a threat to peace and security, and they hinder regional integration, economic growth and development. In 2007, the AU launched the African Union Border Programme (AUBP) as a direct response to these risks. Clearly defined, internationally recognized and locally accepted state borders are therefore considered to be an important basis for conflict prevention.

GIZ supports the implementation of the AU Border Programme (AUBP) to prevent conflicts with a focus on three areas:

  • Delimitation and Demarcation

  • Cross-Border Cooperation

  • Strengthening the AU and RECs

Period of assignment: April 15, 2022 to December 15, 2022 for up to 59 expert days.


Education/training (2.1.1): University qualification (Master/PhD preferable) in political sciences, peace and security studies, geography, cartography, International Relations, Development Studies, International Politics, International Law;

Language (2.1.2): Excellent language skills in French for writing the study in clear, well structured, comprehensible manner. Fluency of English and/or local languages spoken in the region are an asset;

General professional experience (2.1.3): 10 years of demonstrable professional experience in undertaking research in relevant fields;

Specific professional experience (2.1.4): 5 years of demonstrable experience in the development and elaboration of publications and strategy documents on peace and security, governance and conflict related matters in Central Africa;

Regional experience (2.1.6): 5 years of experience in projects in Central Africa;

Other (2.1.8): proven knowledge through trainings and/or certificates of the topics regional integration, border governance and border management, GIS/GNSS, conflict prevention, cross-border cooperation, local development, human rights and/or gender equality are a desirable asset.

  1. How to apply

Interested bidders will request tender documents consisting of an invitation letter, bidding conditions, General Terms and Conditions of Contract (AVB local) – en +fr, Terms of Reference (ToR) – en + fr , Technical evaluation grid of offers, Price sheet, Eligibility Self declaration, Specimen association clause and extract from act against restraints on competition via email AU_Bidderquestions@giz.de by mentioning “**83402153_ Regional Border Conflict Study Central Africa**” on their subject email.

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